LAT 24º 00'16" S    LONG 46º 17'58" W         
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22,500 m² area with 225 meters facing the canal, with complete infrastructure for housing vessels. In addition to a covered storage and remodeling area, we have electric and hydraulic supply painting booths.

The entire power grid is grounded and the facilities are protected by lightning rods. We have a grounding network for sailboat masts.

We also have service workshops, an electricity generator, a training room, a nautical products store, changing rooms, and a canteen and snack bar.

The entire area of Pier 26 is monitored by a digital surveillance system.

    PIER 26  Garagem Náutica Ltda.
LAT 24º 00'16" S     LONG 46º 17'58" W
Av. Eugênio Fischer, 300  CING   
Guarujá    SP    Brasil   CEP  11420-730   
PABX  55 13 3344-5500    FAX  55 13 3344-5506